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    Ultra Beautiful
    4K Ultra HD Picture. Sleek and Contemporary Design. Elevated Design.
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    4K Ultra HD Quality
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    4K Ultra HD Quality
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    Beautifully Epic.
    4K Ultra HD Picture. Elevated Design.
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    Best Quality
    Best Service
    Best Solution
    Experience smart in every series at a size
    and value that’s right for you.

Introducing Our Technology

4K Ultra HD technology packs

Industry-Leading Performance.

Superior Picture Quality. Smarter TV. Excellent Value.

SGC 55U is with a panel, which has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 (16:9, or approximately a 1.78:1 aspect ratio) and it provides much more detailed and less pixel visible images than any other 1080p Full HD TVs. With Dynamic Contrast (3000:1), Virtual Surround Sound and Optical Digital Audio Output, SGC 55U is not only giving you the best viewing experience, but also the best sound quality just like you are inside of the scene.

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4K X 2K Ultra HD
Virtual Surround Sound
Digital Audio Optical Output

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