Why Choose Us

Founded 2015 and headquartered in California, USA, SIGCUS was formerly started as a service provider in various maintenances for early CRT TV, LCD TV and other consumer electronic products to channel distributors for decades. SIGCUS has built up a deep and great working relationship with partners, and has established a comprehensive maintenance service network. With years of experience and observation, SIGCUS realizes the need for 3B, “The Best Quality, The Best Service and The Best Solution”in the electronic appliance field. This recognition leads to the consensus of active involvement in the television market and the company principle and vision of 3B, The Best Quality, The Best Service, and The Best Solution.

As of the above, SIGCUS is dedicated to provide the products from the end-user point of view

  • A highly qualified management team is in place with a track record of successful international business development experience, as well as establishing sales relationships and existing contracts with major distributors.

  • With the collaboration of leading manufacturers from all over the world, SIGCUS is capable to assure the highest product quality, maximize supply chain buying power, and minimize production costs.

  • SIGCUS hereby further promise to bring our customers with the products manufactured to the highest quality matching international standards in the state of the art, ISO-9000 certified facilities.

SIGCUS' ultimate goal is to become a dominant, globally recognized electronics brand by the year of 2020.

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