How to make a claim

1. If you are looking for helps/solutions for the problem that you encounter on SIGCUS products, please be sure to check "Trouble Shooting Guide" that inside of operation manual (Usually is printed at last page) or check here before consulting service personnel.

2. If the problem still exists, please gather the original purchase document (Receipt in most cases) and a warranty card with completed registration information. If you have not registered your product on SIGCUS USA web site, you may also register here.

3. Please contact SIGCUS USA customer service line, (888) 566-6736 for further assistance.

4. Our customer service will help you to determine the problems or send a technician to you.

5. Write down the RMA, and fill in the RMA form here.

6. You must provide SIGCUS USA or its authorized service centers an RMA number and a detailed written description of the problem you are experiencing. SIGCUS USA or its authorized service centers will not take any action until it is made aware (in writing) of the problem you are experiencing.

7. As your product is fragile, if you send your product to SIGCUS USA or one of its authorized service centers, ensure that it is packed appropriately. SIGCUS USA accepts no responsibility for your product until it reaches SIGCUS USA or SIGCUS USA's authorized service center agent.

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